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I'm Sanju Soman.

Building a climate resilient world by training future youth leaders

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Sanju's impactful work is centered around inspiring people to rediscover their connection with nature. He is co-founder of SUSTERA Foundation and a UN Youth Climate Leader with expertise in climate communication, climate governance, and strategist specializing in climate adaptation programs. His team at SUSTERA, aims to nurture a generation of leaders armed with the necessary knowledge, innovative strategies, and networking capabilities to effectively tackle climate and development challenges.

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Whats New🌟

  1. 🛜CV & Resume Course for Green Jobs l Last date 11th Jan 24’ l Apply here
  2. ♻️We have curated a course on “Course on Skills for Climate Action Projects” l Apply here
  3. 🚴India Evolve Innovation Challenge l This Innovation Challenge calls upon creative minds from various fields to devise holistic, scalable solutions for zero-emission last-mile deliveries l Know More
  4. SUSTERA’s Publication on “Top 15 Solutions for a Climate Resilient Kerala” l Download🔽
  5. 🌳Publication on “Incentive Based Ecosystem Restoration” l Download🔽
  6. Facilitating Multilevel Climate Governance for Subnational Level - Framework for Policy Makers l Download🔽


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Founder | SUSTERA Foundation September 2017 - Present

As CEO of SUSTERA, I spearheaded the implementation of SUSTERA’s, Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) initiatives focused on capacity-building youth and local government institutions. I foster a culture of innovation, coordinating a dynamic team of experts and youth leaders in the implementation of a diverse set of over 30 projects in climate adaptation and climate communication with a focus on promoting conservation and building climate resilience. My entrepreneurial approach ensured successful delivery across multiple projects, employing innovative tools to empower community leaders and engage people in climate action. Conducted extensive training sessions for climate professionals, empowering them with skills and knowledge for effective climate action.